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Keon Stokes
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Keon Stokes This is beatdown I really enjoy and feel. It's rough, angry, and gritty. Hope to see much more music soon. Favorite track: Glass house.
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released February 12, 2016

Alex Castillo - Vocals
Omar Hernandez - Guitar
Andrew basden - Guitar
Preston Worland - Bass
John Davilla - Drums



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Held Down Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: No warning
No warning.

No direction, or Path to follow.
Every Days another pill to swallow.
The air that I breathe.
Is tearing holes in me.

Life sucks I think I get that.
Gets you down when you try to fight back.
nihilist at heart.
Ive felt this way from the start.

Everyday I wake up
I put on a face that I fake.
No one sees the pain.
That courses through my veins.

This is what I'm fighting for?
Please tell me there's something more.
Track Name: Glass house
I used to want you
Now I see the lies
All the bullshit that you fed me
Now you're out of my life
To think I thought I knew you.
To think you said the truth.
I see it clearly.
a fucking waste of time.

Don't beg me, crawling on the floor.
Don't fucking come back, I won't open my door.
These hollow words, won't phase me.
I won't be tied down, I've been set free.

I'll watch you burn.
Maybe then you'll fucking learn.

Don't throw a stone in a fucking glass house bitch.
Track Name: Problems
I have problems like you wouldn't believe
They make me weak, and fall to my knees.
I'm stuck here in a forsaken state.
My minds always running.
God dammit.

There it goes again, I'm fucking losing. I never win.
And I can barely breathe, this is what it's like to be me.
Watching myself die
waiting for the end.
Another fucking train wreck.
Fuck it.
Skin me alive, bring me back to life.
Give me a body, where I can feel alive.
Track Name: Confined
only get one life
For so little time
How can I live happy
When life is leaving me behind
I reach and I climb for a hand thats not there.
They see me falling, and all they do is stare.

here I stay alone and afraid.
Sinking into the soil.
my body decays.
Left behind.
trapped in my mind.
This is the death of me.
Track Name: Pretentious deceiver
Fuck you

Sad excuse of a human being force fed these lies that you believe
I'll watch you choke on the lies you

Not a servant a slave, following directions you think he gave.
Failed messengers of peace you're all full of shit.
Always Knocking on my door it makes me sick.

Oh is this his will? Talk to him every night? You've pillaged and killed and still believe you're right? Any blind man can see just how lost you are and if you find yourself in heaven when our lives are through.
Then I'd rather burn in hell than be with the likes of you.
Burn in hell.
I'd rather burn in hell.
You think you're safe and that you've found peace.
You won't see the light when your life has ceased.